1. Frenchy

    Skruvad begagnatmarknad!

    I do not think that Autumn 2021 will be the end of it. If only going by OEM lead time from Shimano and SRAM, as well as frames from the 2 brands I work with, it will be summer 2022 before things are back in anywhere near the point where the supply is anywhere close to match or overtake the...
  2. Frenchy

    Inköp av yeti.

    The SB130 is relativaly progressive so most people shouldn't need to add any token in the rear shock I am about 90kg kitted and ride a large and I have not felt the need to add any token in.
  3. Frenchy

    Den officiella tråden om Yeti

    Not a chance in hell 😁
  4. Frenchy

    Den officiella tråden om Yeti

    N+1.... always But a 2nd wheelset also a great way to circumvent the veto powers of the better half...
  5. Frenchy

    Visa din ibis

  6. Frenchy

    Den officiella tråden om Yeti

    You sir have stronger legs than I do... Then again my SB165 has 180mm 29er fork on it so the head angle makes it a little cumbersome anywhere but an uplifted bike park, and the lack of dropper post and 9 gear DH cassette do not help...at least with my legs powering it ;)
  7. Frenchy

    Visa din ibis

    A less fancy alloy version of the mighty Ripley but almost more capable and a lot more bang for buck...
  8. Frenchy

    Visa din ibis

    Only one ngx XL left that will arrive on Feb 4th. The remaining of preordeed Ripley AF are now sold. No Deore build for now says ibis due to Shimano inability to supply to what they committed to in reasonable timing. I think that anyone having back order bikes with Shimano build on them...
  9. Frenchy

    Visa era Yeti observationer

    Nice build BTW I am starting to import RideWarp from Canada starting in March and I will be offering installation in case someone rather not go through the excruciating process of doing it themselves. Will install on new and old frame, of every brand regardless where they were purchased. Just...
  10. Frenchy

    Visa din ibis

    To start with we only get 3 NGX (2 large and 1XL) We have a few Deore coming early summer (hopefully before midsummer) that we pre-ordered in September 2020!!! But those have not been confirmed as yet so I can't make promises on actual delivery dates. And anything above what has been...
  11. Frenchy

    Visa din ibis

    There is one on display at Rule 58 until mid week next week
  12. Frenchy

    Ibis Ripley V4

    There is one on "display" at Rule 58 until mid week next week. It is a GX build that I have done for media purposes. Rule 58 as a few Deore build on preorder that SHOULD show up before mid summer and I have a couple of NGX coming in the next few weeks but other than that, no bikes until way pass...
  13. Frenchy

    Visa din ibis

    Now that is bright and a nicely spread beam with focus where needed, What lights are those and what is the battery life like on high?
  14. Frenchy

    Hur dåligt kan det bli? Postnord levererar inte...

    My guess is customs They are rather slow nowdays
  15. Frenchy

    Ibis Ripley V4

    In both SLX and GX build the brakes are Shimano SLX M7100 2 pistons. I have been riding my v4 with 2019 XT 2 piston about everywhere including Flotsbro DH /ENduro/Gulcannon and I never felt I needed more than those to stop me (I weight about 90 kg with gear on).2 pistons brakes are plenty on a...
  16. Frenchy

    Ibis Ripley V4

    GX is as good as the XO and XX1 The only difference are a few grams and slightly longer life cassette and chain but as mentionned those are parts that need regular replacing so if you ever really feel you are not happy with them you can upgrade when it is time to replace. Now that both Ibis and...
  17. Frenchy

    Förslag på heldämpad 40-60000

    Ibis owners (Roxy is one of them) look like the Dalton brothers and bikes are designed for Roxy on one end and Tom on the other but... the earliest I could get one in-country if ordered now is July (maybe) so if you need a bike to ride summer 2021, I would suggest looking for something else.
  18. Frenchy

    Flytt från USA till Sverige - vilken cykel tar jag med hem?

    The Ripley is my bike of choice when I head to Hellas or any other trails network around the archipelago
  19. Frenchy

    Ibis Ripmo, godspeed

    Sizing is very similar but if you really want to seat on one, find someone with the AF version as the V2 is based on the Ripmo AF.
  20. Frenchy

    Import Tull

    Not to mention that above VAT, the import duties for bicycle parts from the USA is 4,7% (on which you then pay VAT so really 30,87% tax above the purchase price+shipping) and a swapping 15% on a complete bicycle (on which you then also pay VAT so really 43,75% tax above the purchase price+shipping)
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