1. Frenchy

    ESS Sölvesborg: Yeti SB5.5 or Ripley 4

    Any local that could give any insight on what the trails are like and what is best to ride them between a very capable short travel trail bike and a full Enduro rig? Thanks in advance
  2. Frenchy

    Visa din E-MTB....

    Moustache Samedi SX 9
  3. Frenchy

    [Reklam borttagen]

    Reklam är inte tillåten i forumet. Är du intresserade av bannerannonsering kan du kontakta martin@happyride.se för vidare information. // admin
  4. Frenchy

    Rockshox stealth Reverb dropper post bleeding screw

    does anyone would know where I could get one from ?(dropped one on the floor while bleeding the systems after shortening the hose and lost it)
  5. Frenchy

    Canyon Enduro Series 2015

    Does anyone knows anything about it? And email from Canyon Sweden since to indicated that they are planning to keep the series running for 2015 but I am failing to see anything anywhere and especially dates. The one thing that is most needed so to plan around other events including foreign (home...
  6. Frenchy

    some Canyon dude info...

  7. Frenchy

    The rise of the Mamba!

    Mamba! Yep Mtb has its own acronym now... Middle Aged Men in Body Armour. You heard it here first What other do you have to offer? Any Swedish ome everyone should know about? ;)
  8. Frenchy

    Stages Gravity Enduro 2015 - what, when and where?

    Other than the Canyon Sprint Gravity Enduro series Is there any other to look for in 2015?
  9. Frenchy

    Canyon Strive CF Pre-order

    If anyone here has one on order and is expecting delivery anytime soon,I am sorry to inform you that the first Strive CF delivery have been delayed from this week to Xmas or even early 2015. Canyon has not yet informed customers officially but people concerned will soon receive and email on the...
  10. Frenchy

    650B aka 27.5 Studded/Winter Tyres

    Been looking and so far I am coming up empty (at least on English written sites) Would anyone know about MTB studded tyres available for 650b or do I have to keep my 26" trail bike for winter riding and bring it with me from the UK?
  11. Frenchy

    Help Needed

    Hi My name is Frederic I am an ageing Frenchman with a passion for wilderness and in particular MTB. I have been living in UK for the last 20 years where I have been enjoying a very vibrant and developed MTB scene. But I am moving to beautiful Sweden (Vaxholm) sometimes in November and although...
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