[Byggtråd] Santa Cruz Hightower


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[Byggtråd] Santa Cruz Hightower
Jag är tydligen inte ensam i mina strul med DT Swiss axlar som backar ut av sig själv. Jag hittade en annan recension på en olik cykel som hade detta stycke:
Raaw offers a tool-free DT Swiss axle which employs a removable handle should you so desire to use a wrench instead. I’m not sure what’s different about the Jibb over several other bikes I’ve reviewed lately but I have not been able to keep the axle tight over long descents. I’ve checked with a couple other Raaw owners, both Madonnas and Jibbs, and it seems I’m not alone in this issue. On average, I find that for every 1000 vertical feet I descend, I have to stop and snug up the rear axle.

Något att ha koll på regelbundet.