[Kalender] SBR #45 Haga Park '2020 Vision'


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[Kalender] SBR #45 Haga Park '2020 Vision'

In the interest of keeping the land owners happy we are making some changes to the set up. We want to have as little time on the hill as possible and leave as little impact on the land too. To achieve this we are going down to 3 stages, removing the fourth fresh cut stage meaning the tracks will be on three established tracks. Other than this the format will remain the same. So to clarify:

3 Stages, 3 runs on each, all times count towards overall time.

Racing will start at 9am and the tracks will be open for 3 hours closing at 12pm. This should be plenty of time to do 9 runs. Timing sticks will be ready for people to pick up from Roger at 8:30 in the car park shown on the map.

Swish is open please use the form Roger provided (link below). Everyone on the reserve list has until March 1st to swish after which they will no longer be reserved and places will go up for everyone on a first come first serve basis.

Entry Form:

I was up to Haga this weekend and its super cool to see so many people enjoying these classic tracks. Please remember to take your rubbish home with you and be cool to any other non cyclists on the hill.

Final Info to be released two weeks before the race.

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[Kalender] SBR #45 Haga Park '2020 Vision'
I just rode Haga for the first time this weekend, very nice trails! Definitely worth the drive from Uppsala.

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[Kalender] SBR #45 Haga Park '2020 Vision'
2011 var i mörker. Antar att det är i dagsljus denna gång. Anmäler mig hur som helst.
Har Sbr-id.