SBR #45 Haga Park '2020 Vision'

Datum: Lördag, 28 mars
Inskickad av: Ollie_B
Kategori: Svartrejs
Plats: Stockholm

Some motivation to get through the winter!

Get ready for the first SBR of 2020 and the first round of the Capital Enduro Series. We will be returning to a venue that has some SBR prestige first hosting a race back in 2011 with some big names including future national champions & EWS riders and of course Roger.


The race will be a new format for the CES and one that is really popular in the UK. There will no practice and just four stages however everyone gets three runs on each stage with all stages counting towards your overall time. The only rule is that you have to complete a run on each stage before moving onto second runs.

For Example you can run like this:

Lap 1 - S4, S2, S3, S1
Lap 2 - S2, S4, S1, S3
Lap 3 - S3, S2, S1, S4.

You CANNOT run like this:

S4, S4, S4, S1, S1, S1, S2, S2, S2, S3, S3, S3.

It is down to the rider to ensure they complete all the laps and judge rider gaps, these are short fast tracks so try to work it out that you don't end up catching other riders. This is a blind race on you first run but these are not scary tracks, mostly just fun to start the year!


All four stages will start from the top of Haga hill. Three of them will be on the main well known tracks already established on the hill with some small race day tweaks made to keep it fresh. Anyone that wants to check out the stages just get there and ride the main tracks and they will be 90% the same for the race. The fourth stage will be new for the race with nobody riding it until the race day. The start position for each track will be defined so its the same for every rider.


We will be clearing the tracks from Thursday evening and taping on Friday afternoon so if you're racing get any practice you want done before then so we can mark the trails up safely and its fair to everyone on Saturday morning.

There will be three classes, Male, Female & Juniors (under 16)

250sek for non-SBR ID members
200sek for SBR ID members & Juniors

Trophies for the top three in each class and depending on entries other prizes may be added.

Maximum of 100 entries.

This is a great venue for spectators with easy access to all of the tracks. Lets start the season with a bang and have the biggest SBR in history on fun tracks!!

Reserve a place below, swish opens in February when there will also be more information.



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larsaw 2020-04-01

Love to race your tracks when they and this Leprosy is over... Until then keep up with all your good work Ollie!! Stay safe and healthy!!

Ollie_B 2020-03-31

I think thats all the refunds done if theres any questions please contact me directly. Since the race I have purchased some new trail building tools and have been working on new tracks in a top secret location for a new SBR in the future. I also in...

Ollie_B 2020-03-30

I've done most of the refunds now will finish off tomorrow everyone. Thanks for your patience

N_sandstrom 2020-03-26

I think this was at good decision. Keep my fee!

Katarina Å 2020-03-25

Thanks for all the planing and preparation. Love to join the race if it’s hold in the future. You can keep my fee!🙏

Renko 2020-03-25

Great work on the upcoming race Ollie, probably the right thing to postpone right now. As I entered both myself and Furt, pls keep our fees and we’re looking forward to Haga 2.0!

BackT 2020-03-25

Please keep my fee, you guys are doing a fantastic work. Looking forward to a great SBR season when things has settled. Until then keep riding and a stay away from the virus.

Tobman 2020-03-24

Keep my fee👍🏻

Felixiden 2020-03-24

Keep my fee too, and keep up the good work. Cheers!

Nobby 2020-03-24

Hello, keep my fee as well, looking forward to Haga later on!👍😊