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Blå Mountainbike | 22,1 km | Kanarieöarna - La Palma

An awesome and endless trail, 2200 m to 0 !!
Rocky, woddy, flowy, climbing and technical sections but mostly easy. Sometimes you have to get off the bike but tottaly worth it. It Ends right by the beach, Beer and tapas await for you there !
Direct Flights with Primera Air from Sweden Norway and Denmark.
Contact: www.lapalmabikerental.com - Shuttle, guides, MTB Holidays - MTB Paradise La Palma
Just Recomending, Turtips

Insänd av: MTB Paradise, senast uppdaterad 2018-10-22 11:57

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Längd: 22,1 km
Starthöjd: 2178 m
Målhöjd: 5 m
Högsta punkt: 2188 m
Lägsta punkt: 23 m
Höjdstigning: 681 m
Höjdförlust: -2854 m
Ladda ner: GPX


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