Bike for a city commute with a child


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Bike for a city commute with a child
Hi all!

Sorry for writing in English but we have recently moved to Sweden and I would really appreciate help from experienced cyclists.

I am an experienced mountain bike cyclist but I know very little about cycling in the big city, especially with a kid. What I need:
- City bike which I will use for 5-6 km (one direction) commute to work daily, asphalt and relatively flat (inside customs Stockholm - Solna).
- I will also need to cycle with my 4 yo 14kg son to the daycare on the way. Both child seat and child wagon can be an option to use
- I am relatively small in size - 160cm and below 50 kg, so it needs to be something not super heavy so I can get it moving
- Bike needs to be dress and skirt friendly (hence I am looking for women models)
- We have indoor place to keep a bike
- I imagine buying something within 10k SEK

Any tips appreciated! I put an eye on Creacent bikes but after some research think there can be better options :)

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Bike for a city commute with a child

For a 4yo, who's only going to get heavier, my recommendation would be a tag along bike:

A cargo bike would work as well, but I'm not sure that you could find a decent one with your budget.