[Kalender] SBR #45 Haga Park '2020 Vision'


AnmÀlde mig 8:e jan. ,med sbr-id. 9:e jan anmÀlde jag min grabb,n O-junior ,utan sbr-id. Ingen av oss stÄr med i listan. Dom som anmÀlt efter Àr med. NÄgon miss?


Yo fellow bikists!

List is updated with the odd person missed (O & O Junior) now added. We are pushing 70 riders already with it looking like it could be the biggest showing in both juniors & female categories, the future of SBR's is bright. Keep spreading the word on this race and lets start the year big!

Remember that the Swish will be opened in three weeks so start saving your pennies & make sure you all come and check back in at the start of February.

Lots of things happening behind the scenes with this years SBRs & the Capital Enduro Series its going to be a good one!!!


The non SBR-ID positions are full as it stands but carry on entering and I will start a reserve list. There is still 20 places not yet taken by SBR ID holders which if not filled will come up for grabs in order of application to the reserve list.

I've been to Haga a couple of times now since announcing the race and I'm really excited for this event. I think for a first race of the year and first race ever for many people its going to be perfect. Not too technical compared to some SBR's just fun fast tracks!

Peace. OB
Happyride sparar data i cookies. Genom att anvÀnda vÄra tjÀnster godkÀnner du det. LÀs mer