SBR #49

SBR #49
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Tjena, sorry it took so long before I came up with the link to some of the pictures I took from the competition. But here they are anyway, feel free to use them in social media or other contexts. Feel free to throw out a shout out and tag me as a photographer in the post, fun to see who likes them and who is the potential skier. Uploaded two copies of the photos. A high-resolution version and a low-resolution one that is better suited for the internet.
Image link:

I had a lot of fun photographing at the competition, I hope there will be more events in the future that I can slip past and shoot!
Offers some personal favorites here!
Great photos man! I'm hosting a race this weekend on Lidingö, would be cool to have some more photos taken there if you're free!
Thanks a lot! That would be super fun but I'm working a lot of weekends in October.. I'm free on the weekend at week 42 and 43 if there is some race or event then? Think a saw i post about at race 7th of November as well?!
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